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Extended Essay English B Category 3 Examples

Category 3: Studies in language based on one or more texts originally produced in the language in which the essay is presented. At the point of submission, the category of Language A essay must be identified. Categories 1 and 2 An EE in categories 1 and 2 gives students an opportunity to: study in depth a literary topic

  • Sample essays EE Category 3 (Breaking Bad) I have a teenage son. He has watched the television drama Breaking Bad over and over. My hope is that his obsession is not linked to an unhealthy extra-curricular interest in chemistry, or a desire to emulate the particular business activities of Breaking Bad’s protagonist Walter White.

  • study in English B. •Include a potential a research question addressing each focus area. 1.Research focus 2.Justification. Why/How is this focus relevant to English B? 3.Potential research question: Write a question about this area of focus. This is the question you will answer through your research and develop in your extended essay.

  • For example, the soft colors are evident in figure 16, with pink and light brown tones. The softness of the pink and brown tones in this commercial give a sense of serenity, but also vulnerability, which are two characteristics that are often associated with women. Figure 16.


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